sun sign forecast 2018

Please note that this is a very broad interpretation of forecasts for each sun sign based on transits of outer planets in the solar system, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune , Saturn and Jupiter. For a more detailed reading of a forecast the reader needs to set an appointment with Karen either by phone, Skype or in person.
Karen 220 Sun Sign Forecast
  • Aries (March 20- April 19)
  • As the unpredictable planet Uranus leaves Aries after being there for 7 years, there will be less surprises this year, however, watch your wallet as finances are apt to change. Think twice before you spend. Saturn has moved into an earthy sign of Capricorn causing the Aries to consider giving up some material possessions to make room for the life you REALLY want. Pluto also in Capricorn further encourages you to declutter and move forward. Finances improve in November when Jupiter moves into the fire sign Sagittarius. Because both Aries and Saggitrius are fire signs new opportunities open up for your adventurous spirit. Best time for business Jan. 26- March 17. Consider avoiding confrontation March 17- May 16 and August 12- sept. 10. Best time for romance and popularity is March 6-31 June 13- july 9. Aug.6- Sept. 9. Oct.31- Dec.2

  • Taurus (April 19- May 20)
  • Because both Pluto and Uranus relate to Taurus favorably for the next few years, Taureans will feel a sense of empowerment and great intuition. Because Uranus is now in Taurus don't be surprised if you suddenly have a great new idea, perhaps something you never thought of before that would move you forward. This is the time to TRUST that new spark. It has the capacity to change your life. Trust your intuition. It could be a time you take a 180 degree turn that will effect the rest of your life. People in your life will take note of your ability to be reliable right now. It is a year of accomplishments. You have great ideas about how to make money which attracts other people to want to work with you. You are very popular right now and romantic and business possibilities abound. Because Uranus in Taurus has new energy, you may want to break away from old relationships (both business and romantic) and exercise this charisma you are experiencing. This is a year of empowerment. Have fun!

  • Gemini (May 20-June 20)
  • Gemini's will have especially favorable aspects to Uranus until May 2018 and then again starting Nov.6 when Jupiter moves into your opposite sign Saggitaius. That is the time to "close the deal" and reap in your vision. Because Neptune remains in. a square, check your facts twice and be cautious of disillusion. This may be a time in business that you have to let go of some people in your life to "fine tune" What you need to move forward. This can be stressful so pay attention to your health. Take your time to make the right decision. Beware of deceit. Clear up miscommunications to move forward. Be clear about agreements you enter into that you are both viewing the same picture. In personal relationships make sure that your charm is not miscommunicated as one may take them seriously when you were just being friendly. Bottom line...... Make your intentions clear thus year. Best time for romance April 24- May 19, Aug. 6-sept.9 and Oct.3-Dec.2

  • Cancer (June 20-July 22)
  • The situation is beginning to change for cancerians. Much of 2017 had Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto all in action signs that squared ( or irritated....challenged) Cancers , also an action sign known in astrology s cardinal energy. Having so much cardinal energy can be lest feeling like you're pulled in different directions. Last October (2017) Jupiter moved into a fixed water sign of Scorpio. Uranus moves into the fixed earthy sign of Taurus. Both of these moves are strengthening to our Cancer friends offering a brighter future. Neptune remains in Pisces the inevitable trine of all the water signs ....Scorpio, Pisces and your Cancer sun make life a lot easier in 2018. You are also approaching the pinnacle of your accomplishments as Saturn...the planets that reaps the harvest is opposite your sun. This heightened attention,however, does not come without a price. Saturn always brings lessons to learn. With your success comes criticism and demands on your time. So be careful...Don't exhaust yourself by pushing yourself too hard. The challenge for you is to manage your time so that you are successful and healthy. People are there to help you if you ask. In fact that is what you do to avoid exhaustion.With Pluto being opposite your sign....for those whose birthdays are afterJuly 10, there very possibly will be strong power plays that may result in your leaving an existing situation. Others may resent you or vise versa. Whatever happens you will learn the importance of personal power. Financially this year looks very favorable. You can make money. It could be a good year for speculation for those of you born before July 17. For those born after July 17 it may be better to invest in your house or your business. The year highlights romantic love and family...perhaps even growth with a possible child or grandchild. Some will also experience divorce or death in. relationships....could be both. It is a good year to be clear about what you want in the relationship whether it be business or personal . This is. a year of great accomplishments but also great lessons.

  • Leo (July 22- August 22)
  • Leo's experience opposing energies in 2018. Transiting north node in Leo until November indicating there is much attention on you which may bring success and accomplishments. Uranus ,however, is moving into a squaring ( or challenging ) energy in Taurus for 7 years. With Neptune, Pluto and Saturn also challenging your sun you will be expected to make some adjustments in your life. People with whom you are in a relationship may be moving into a different stage of life that will force you to either adjust or let go. After November,however, Jupiter moves into an accommodating fire sign of Saggitarius that gives you a new break through. Key word for the year is ADJUSTMENT. Keep in mind it is a major Capricorn year of accountability. Be aware of who has the power. Be aware of justice. Despite these big lessons, it is possible you receive recognition for your efforts. If you are working on a project and not getting the help you need, make the changes you need to make to move ahead. You may meet someone that will give you what you need to move forward. Expenses may be unusually high due to some extravagance you have had in past. It is a time to be frugal. After November financial matters improve. Many of you, depending on your exact birthday, are on a seven year journey where you are questioning your relationships....Here again is a time of adjustment. You may be moving which may feel uncomfortable at first but will prove to work out well in the long run. You may be discovering a part of yourself you have forgotten. Home and family are highlighted. After November 8, Leo's will experience a personal love. It will be the beginning of increased pleasure. Other favorable dates for romance are March6-31 and June 13-July 9.

  • Virgo (August 22-September 22)
  • Because Neptune is in your opposite sign of Pisces for the next eight years, you will experience challenges in seeing relationships clearly. The sextile with Jupiter in Scorpio and trine with Pluto in Capricorn along with Saturn may help you get to the bottom of what all the confusion is about and help you drive through the fog. With Uranus in Taurus in May you may begin a new cycle of accomplishments. Trust in your new ideas as you may see your life from a new vantage point. Trust that. Your sense of the future is right on. Your hard working nature and fresh ideas will pay off. Relationships are not as clear, as you are especially vulnerable to charm and false appearances. Your energy is magnetic both in physical appearance and your mental ideas. This combination of mental and physical attraction will draw people to you in business and career. The thing to remember is that you are easily seduced into situations so think before you act. Take your time. Powerful people will come in your life. Decide ahead of time where your boundaries are and what you want from the relationship.

  • Libra (September 23-October 24)
  • Accountability is especially on the scene for you this year. Last year the benefic energies of Jupiter were in libra. Now that Jupiter has moved to Scorpio and Uranus is also moving into a fixed sign of Taurus, you will be expected to follow through on the excitement that was stirred up last year. Manage your time wisely and you should do alright. Money is good this year, however, you may find yourself stretched between work and family obligations...almost as if you have two jobs. Get straight with yourself what a healthy relationship looks like and don't take on more than you can handle. Don't allow yourself to be manipulated or be accused of manipulating others. Have a vision of what a healthy relationship looks like and be true to yourself and your integrity. Get your priorities straight. It is a good year for money though even though there has been challenges in the workplace. If they are not resolved you may feel like moving on. Those born Oct. 17-26 there may be a sudden change in career ( It is opposite Uranus ...sudden change) There may be an obligation to some one near to you this year. They have demands of you. You have demands of them. Try to lighten up a bit. You may have to suck it up and help out. If you decide to stay in the relationship matters will get better in a couple years. Your energy may vary from being charming ....which attracts many and then complaining ...which drives them away. Be conscious of the energy you choose to project. Opportunity for love is there especially in August onward and especially to those born oct 18-28 ( early Scorpio) Overall it is a year to get a grip of who you are and what it is you are willing to give and accept in the relationship(s) you are involved in.

  • Scorpio (October 23- November 22)
  • Scorpios continue having a powerful year as it also was in 2017. Pluto supports with a sextile along with Saturn. Jupiter has entered Scorpio giving them another powerful benefic energy.People respect you and look to you for wisdom. With Saturn having just moved to Capricorn, Scorpios will have opportunity but will also carry much responsibility with that gift. This will continue until 2020. Neptune trines Scorpio by being in the watery sign of Pisces. This softens the Scorpio demeanor to be extremely caring. Opportunities abound. If you are an employee it is a good time to ask for a raise especially before November. If matters do not suit you there are other possibilities as well. You are especially aware of the importance of time management. You have the ability to see right through people who are trying to take advantage of you or do not have your best interest in mind. Your perceptions are keen and your opportunities are many. With Uranus in your opposite sign there may be sudden changes in your lifestyle....perhaps because of good fortune or the job itself may change. This most likely will happen between May 15-nov.15. Best time for business interaction are March 17-May 16. August 2- September 10 and November 15- December 31. Avoid confrontations May 16- August 12 and sept10- November 15. You might win the battle but lose the war. ( think long term) With Scorpio being connected to Jupiter trining Neptune you may have a wonderful romance that could even last as Scorpio is supported by Saturn ( long term) as Neptune is often associated with travel ....this could happen on a trip away from home. Love takes many forms, romance, time with family and popularity in your career. In romance you want a more mature relationship than you have had in the past. You are attracted to people of power and ambition. Because Uranus is moving in your opposite sign of Taurus creating friction, some of you will be leaving a relationship perhaps because of a new love or the love you have for your work or travel. It is an exceptional year for the Scorpian. New freedom comes in your opportunities.You possess a wonderful cosmic energy that attracts success.

  • Saggitarius (November 21-December 21)
  • Saturn finally left your sign on Dec.20 2017 which feels liberating and could make you feel like you have more energy. This sense of freedom and liberation will be greater beginning November 8 2018 as you experience the lucky planet of Jupiter landing at home in its own sign of Saggitarius.This will be a 12 month high,however, be careful as Neptune is still conflicted with Saggitarius folk. The effect is unrealistic expectations in relationships. Your fantasy life is large. You may try to even escape the truth. Beware of being taken advantage of as you are vulnerable. Ability to make money is promising, especially after November. Your efforts pay off. The question on the table is "Did you learn your lesson?" Are you trustworthy? There may be remarks behind your back questioning your integrity. You will have the opportunity to address this. It is especially important now to be brutally honest with people. It is a good time for change in jobs or living situations. It is a good time for you to be in the media. Avoid confrontations between November 15- December 31. In relationships, you may be attracted to clandestine affairs. It's like you are hiding or not wanting to be seen.This changes in November when Jupiter goes into Saggitarius and you are a You again . Until then you may not know who you are. For other Saggitarius it is just the opposite in relationships. You are meeting interesting people that you are connecting with on a mental and physical level. There may be an age difference..but it doesn't matter because you are both feeling young and vibrant. Best dates for romance are March 6-31 and June 13-July 9.

  • Capricorn (December 21-January 20)
  • The big news with Capricorn is that Saturn, its natural at home planet has just entered Capricorn last December and will be in Capricorn for three years when it joins the fateful planet of Pluto in 2020. For Capricorn people this period is a time of great decision making. At best it is a time of accomplishments and management skills. At worst one hs to deal with delays at getting projects off the ground. In either case Capricorns need to take care of their health and remember to balance their activities with rest and exercise to avoid burn out. It is a very empowering time in which you might be asked to uproot yourself to higher ground where there is more opportunity. Jupiter and Neptune are favoring this force as well making both financial and social growth with the individuals. It can be an exciting time in your life. This is the time ...right now make decisions about your future. So make sure it is something you want to do.It requires patience and hard work. You are good at managing your time to achieve the goals you desire. Just be aware of burn -out. If you can avoid burn-out there is no limit to what you can do. Your future is are entering into a new part of your life of great possibilities. Finances are favorable in 2018. You are making good money from the skills you have already learned. New projects will not only bring you more income but will enable you to reach out into the community. With this comes opportunity and responsibility. Some of you have had success and are already bored.( Uranus trining sun) s we approach spring you may feel restless to break away. Relationships may suffer because of arrogance and overly confident. You are learning it can be lonely with all this achievement. You may need to learn how to relate to people harmoniously. Relationships generally run hot and cold. When you connect with a loved one intensely the relationship is good,however, you may spend long hours connected to your work. You vassilate between feeling very alone and being intensely involved. Extremes. As a result commitment issues may arise as others may feel the relationship isn't important. Take the time to reassure your loved ones. Other Capricorns will feel a need to break away altogether with friends and partners, feeling you are just not on the same page anymore, This may cause insecurities. This may be inevitable because you are changing so quickly. Criticism may cause you to put up boundaries to feel safe. Strong possibilities show that when one relationship leaves another is there to replace it ...perhaps one who is less demanding. Assuming you allow yourself time away from work, there are many opportunities in relationships. Best time for romance- December 25 2017- January 18 2018. March31 - April 24 and July 9-August6

  • Aquarius (January 19-February 18)
  • Your sun sign is at a midpoint between Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Which in December was joined with Saturn in Capricorn. This midpoint draws both energies of Pluto and Neptune together to effect you. Saturn, who also co-rules Aquarius brings hard lessons. As a result, Aquarians may be going through a deep spiritual transformation. This may be brought on by a deep fear through confrontation that may shake him to his core. As the moons north node is in your opposite sign of Leo, you may meet some very important people right now. It may be a time of creating a strong partnership with another. This opposition will last until November 17. Then the north node leaves Leo to enter Cancer. This partnership may have already happened in 2017. With Uranus moving into Taurus, a fixed sign, sudden challenges will arise as Uranus represents the unexpected. Be ready to adjust to these s there are promises of unexpected gifts as well. Uranus also rules Aquarius as does Saturn so Aquarians are deeply effected by these transitions. So kep in mind....when things go badly they will quickly turn patient. As Jupiter squares Aquarius your budget. There may be a tendency to overindulge. There are many opportunities available to you.You are probably on a few projects and need to decide which avenue to pursue. Be wary....choose carefully....your financial commitments. Some of these expenses you cannot avoid, however, others will weigh you down. Be frugal. Some projects may not go as planned and may cause disappointment. Sometimes it is because you need to see them a little differently. The urge to start new projects is strong right now. The challenge is to approach these projects from different points of view. Don't be too rigid. Technology may offer advancement to you and may be a career you choose. This holds promise for the future, however beware that projects are as dvertised. The biggest challenge is to understand someone else's point of view. Don't be too abrupt in your decisions. Think it over and act accordingly. Overall there are many new opportunities available. Your job then is to wisely choose which one is best. As Jupiter moves into Saggitarius in November tensions are less. Conflict is less.New offers come in through contacts you have made that will further financial gains as well as pleasing interactions. Best time for business is January 26- March 17. May 16- August 12 bring in new opportunities. Also September 10- November15. This is a time of recognition if you take your challenges seriously. It could be a time of recognition or dismissal....but issues come to a peak. Pay attention to non verbal communication. Do your best and stay flexible. Romantic relationships: Many of you became involved in a very karmic relationship that feels very comfortable last year. Cherish this bond is it is one of friendship s well. Those of you who were born February 13-21 may experience a new relationship. It may come very quickly. This may also result in separation or divorce because of a new found love. As adjustments and compromises are called for in business, they are also important in personal romantic relationships. As I earlier indicated, the relationship will survive if it involves spiritual reflection. Best time for romance: Jan.17-Feb.10. April24-May19, August5– Sept.10 and oct.31-Dec.2

  • Pisces (February 18-March 20)
  • Neptune has been in Pisces for 7 years and will continue to be in Pisces for another 7. Because Neptune rules Pisces is at home in Pisces, all Piscean characteristics come to the forefront. That is compassion, travel, artistic ability and spiritual pursuits. Saturn moving into Capricorn helps you to attain your goals. This is an exciting time in your life. Good relationships with your co- workers are revealed. You thrive in a working atmosphere where everyone helps each other and engages in stimulating conversations. That is all possible now. It is easy for you to manage your time to achieve goals. Hopefully it will include your artistic ability either in music, theater or the visual arts as this is your natural gift. Plans that you are formulating have an excellent chance of coming to fruition as imagination and practicality are working together. The most important time to make business decisions are November 15- December 31. Any conflicts that may arise would be early in the year to March 17. If you need to confront someone wait until after this period. It is a wonderful year for romance and travel. If you are not in a relationship now you may meet someone special in your travels.....especially those born March 1- 14. Resist the common activity many pisceans adopt of staying home......opportunity for fun and romance awaits. Get out there and start dancing!!

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